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Danny Creed – A Life Best Lived: A Story of Live, Death and Second Chances

The latest book by Real World Business Coach, Danny Creed details the events that happened, beginning in September 2015, that would forever change his life. A triple by-pass heart surgery, with a near-death experience and the devastating death of his mother all in a 24-hour period set in play a chain reaction of experiences that would, in the end, create positive and powerful results.

Pas Simpson – The Happiness Engineer

Pas Simpson, The Happiness Engineer aka “Mr. I love my life” spreads joy from his very first smile. Whether in his daily videos, lightening up a stage or in his coaching sessions, Pas’ mission is to help create a happier, healthier, wealthier world is evident. He teaches people how to make the choice of happiness and to define what success feel like to you.