We work with small to mid companies, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.  Our approach is to be an extension of your team providing the experience and resources to assist you with increasing sales, growing, and managing the business effectively. Our extensive list of business services is available to you.

CEO/President/Owner – We understand exactly the position you’re in.  We’re in your shoes everyday  As a leader or owner operating a small to mid-size business you wear many different hats and have a lot of responsibility.  We will work with you and your team to put a strategy in place that gets the entire team on the same page, behind common goals and priorities to bring some clarity and sanity into your work life.

Sales Managers –  Are you tasked with managing a sales team to increase sales and keeping the team focused to hit their targets.  We’ll work with you hand in hand developing a sales strategy that involves complete sales process of actionable activities your team can follow to create positive and consistent sales habits.  We go further and will develop with you the sales metrics that allow you to monitor and track the performance of the team and hold them accountable to sales goals.  We’ll evaluate your comp plan to make sure it’s in alignment with your sales goals and event modify or create a sales comp plan for you that keeps it simple and keeps your sales team incentivized to generate results.

Entrepreneurs & Sales Professionals – We love working with you. You truly are the chief cook and bottle washer in business.  You are juggling many different task from sales, to marketing, to delivering your product or service, to the back end administrative functions of your business.  We have a entire system designed specifically for entrepreneurs and sales professionals that helps you prioritize your many activities, create more work life balance, and more important gauranteed to get you focused and results.