Training That Gets Results

The Only Thing Constant is Change

To be successful in today’s rapidly changing global economy, your organization must be innovative, flexible, and responsive…and your people must have the necessary skills and ability to make this happen. Your people – from your executive leadership on down to your line employees – can give your company the competitive edge you need to succeed, or they can be the primary cause of your business’ failure. The difference is often a matter of training.

Optimize Your People Development

BlueRock Coaching and Consulting Group offers a comprehensive, in-depth “people development” training system. Created by a team of PhD’s to address the most important issues that organizations face, these training workshops have been proven effective by small companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and everything in between.

The Most Advanced Training Programs Available Today

It’s a fact that learning is maximized when concepts are presented in small doses rather than marathon training sessions. That’s why BlueRock specializes in “Spaced Repetition Learning”: 3- to 4-hour training sessions held every 3 to 4 weeks. Spaced Repetition Learning allows participants to digest one set of ideas and start putting them into practice before the next lessons are presented.

BlueRock offers in-house workshops, public workshops, and online courses on a full range of organizational development topics. Click on one of the following links to learn more (additional courses are also available):

  • Leadership Skills
    • Principles of High-Performance
    • High-Performance Leadership
    • Effective Supervisory Skills
    • Empowering Performance
    • Change Management
    • Assessing Your Organization for High Performance
    • High Payoff Hiring
    • Conflict Management
    • Career Builder
  • Personal Effectiveness
    • Self-Mastery: A Plan for Personal Success
    • Communication
    • Time Management
    • Speaking for a Lasting Impression
    • Positive Impact
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • The Trust Factor: Creating Win-Win Relationships
    • Diversity
  • Team Building
    • Skills for High-Performance Teamwork
    • Developing High-Performance Teams
    • Developing a High-Performance Strategy
    • Customer Service
  • Sales Training
    • Principles of Partnership Selling
    • The Powers of Persuasion
    • Core Skills: Building a Strong Foundation