How to Produce Quality Videos for: Speakers, Coaches, Authors & Experts

Webinar description:

If you are a speaker, coach, or author and want to learn how to produce Quality videos that are worth watching and sharing to grow your audience and land more gigs then this webinar is for you. It takes time and know how to produce quality videos.

Because this is an interactive webinar I’ve limited the class size.  Seats are filling up quickly so register now.

This webinar is for:

  • Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Trainers, and Experts that want to share their knowledge with quality videos.
  • If your image and brand are important to you then you should attend. Your videos represent your brand. How would you rate your current videos?  If your current videos don’t portrait your brand the way it should then you could be doing more harm than good.
  • If you are at a point where you want to leverage videos to attract a bigger audience then this is for you.
  • You are the product so look your best in videos.

Hey Mike Brenhaug here!

A few months ago, I decided to get serious about creating quality videos for my coaching practice and went on a learning binge.  Had I known ahead of time how much time I was going to have to invest, to learn how to produce a quality video, I probably wouldn’t have done it.  But I did and I’m committed to producing quality videos because I believe that for speakers, coaches, and authors it will be s key differentiator on how we attract a following and get more paying gigs.

Here’s a few statistics that played a key factor in my decision to do videos.

  • Video content represents 74% of all internet traffic
  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet
  • Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content
  • 51% of all video plays are on mobile devices

As a speaker, coach, and author you know that it’s a competitive space and becoming harder to get noticed.  Like me, I’m certain you are a passionate about your content and message and enjoy sharing it with others.  I just want to a bigger audience to share my message with.

I wrestled with the idea of should are or shouldn’t I do videos for a couple of years and I toyed with it 6 years ago, with no results so I gave up.  I wish I would have stuck with it, because I would have over a 100K subscriber on YouTube.   But I didn’t and it’s one my little regrets looking back on it.

So, the question for you, and what went through my mind, is this: Do I want my content, my message, and my brand to be part of the 74% of all internet traffic?  If I say no, then that means my typical social media post is playing in a diminishing 26% internet space.  I felt like I had to start doing it and I’m glad I did.

During my video learning binge, I can’t tell you how many expert videos I watched on YouTube and paid for a couple of webinars also. What I didn’t get from any one of these was specific tips on how to do it for speaker, coach and author. I’m not offer car repair tips or beauty tips or a musician.  Most of the experts keep their message very general to appeal to a broad audience in areas that attract huge followings and have several hundreds of people on a webinar.

I’ve taken the numerous hours and late nights of learning and producing videos for myself and have condensed it all down to a workshop specifically for speakers, coaches, and authors.

There is no fluff in this webinar it’s all current and very real content and methods that I’ll teach you.  It’s what I’m doing every week to produce and publish my videos.  I’ll even provide you with some planning tools and templates that I created for myself that I’ll share with you.

This is a live interactive webinar specifically for those interested in producing Quality videos.  I emphasize quality because if you have spent anytime on YouTube you know there is a lot of crap! As professionals, I think we owe it to our profession and audience to produce quality material.  That’s my opinion and I’m all about separating myself from others. 

To find a topic, create a script, record, edit, upload, create compelling title and description and optimize for YouTube is a lot of work to figure it out.

I made a lot of mistakes and tested a lot and have found a recipe that works for me which has significantly increasing my views and exposure social media. It a noisy online world it’s provided me great content that allows me to get my unique message out on social media to separate myself from others.

If you are a speaker, coach, or author and want to learn how to produce Quality videos that are worth watching and sharing to grow your audience and land more gigs then this is a webinar is for you.

Because this is an interactive webinar I’ve limited the class size.  Seats are filling up quickly so register now.

Included in this webinar is a 15 minute one on one call which will allow you to get your specific questions answered.  I’ve attended plenty of webinars and there were many times when I wanted just a few minutes to ask the expert my specific questions on a call, and not by raising my hand in a webinar, but they were never accessible. I want you to succeed at making quality videos and what I share with you get you started in the right direction instead of floundering through countless hours of content.

Register today to make sure you get a spot.

Register Today – Limited webinar seats available.

Because of the demand for this webinar and we limit the size of group we have added a second date in April.


April 3rd & 4th

April 20th & 21st

Here’s what you will learn in this interactive webinar – it’s a lot!

  • How to find and create topics
  • How to format and write your script
  • How to dress for your video – what to wear and what not to wear
  • How to setup your DIY studio
    • Lighting
    • Microphone
    • Backdrop
    • Camera
    • Tripod
    • Teleprompter
    • Alternative to a teleprompter
    • And other tips
  • Recording your video
    • Mistakes to avoid
    • How to position yourself in the frame
    • Battery and battery
    • Camera settings
  • Editing tips
  • Editing software for the non-expert
  • How to upload your video
  • How to save your file and what format
  • How to create a compelling title that is optimized for YouTube
  • How to properly write a video description for YouTube
  • How to identify keywords/tags for YouTube
  • How to create a playlist
  • How to use Cards and End screens
  • How to add Subtitles CC to your video
  • How to create YouTube video thumbnails
  • How to properly post your video to social media
  • How to repurpose your video content into a blog or article to maximize your content exposure
  • Scheduling – when to record and publish your videos
  • A general overview of how YouTube ranks videos and what they look for